I am a licensed naturopathic doctor located in Calgary, AB, providing virtual care for all Albertans and mobile (in-home) services for South Calgary and surrounding areas. My clinical focus includes fatigue, stress, mental wellness, addictions, weight loss, physical injuries, hormonal health, digestive health, and auto-immunity.

I get to the bottom of my patient’s concerns and provide effective treatment plans that suit their lifestyle and vastly improve their quality of life. I practice as an evidence-based naturopath and favour practicality over complexity.

When I first began my practice on Vancouver Island, I decided to shift my focus towards mental and emotional health. Today, I use my background in both physical medicine and mental wellness to be a truly holistic practitioner.

While away from the office, my personal interests and activities include music (guitar, songwriting, singing, percussion), sports (martial arts, golf, ultimate frisbee, darts), various forms of philosophy, and cooking! There were several years between my undergraduate degree and doctor’s degree when I worked as a corporate professional in the energy sector. My educational, professional, and personal background allows me to relate to a wide range of patients which I believe leads to better treatment outcomes. I am committed to helping patients regain their autonomy and I personally practice what I preach.”

Fun facts about Dr. Anderson:

  • He’s a co-host of a podcast called The Wellness Dojo
  • He’s a Former competitive black belt martial artist
  • His cat plays fetch, goes on leashed walks, and can do 10 different tricks
  • He was a finalist in the Calgary Folk Festival songwriting competition


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