“I always knew I wanted to be a physician,” says Dr. Samantha Clouthier ND. What got her into alternative medicine was a month-long trip to India she did in 2013 with Queen’s University. “That trip really opened my eyes to how valuable integrative medicine is.” Dr. Clouthier’s main interest and passion has always been mental health, but she also focuses on digestive concerns, pediatrics, and LGTBQ+ health.

Dr. Clouthier ND sees the individualization of care as naturopathic medicine’s greatest strength. “It is such a privilege to be able to sit down with a patient for 90 minutes and get their entire story and then work from there to treat the whole person – not just the disease. We work from all angles of a case and really spend time researching to understand the physiology behind an illness so that we can treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.”

Besides her work as an ND, Dr. Clouthier also sits on the Fort McMurray Pride Committee, enjoys doing yoga, “I completed my teacher training in Bali in 2016. I’m also moonlighting a little bit as a children’s book author, which is fun!”

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