I help women choose what works best for their health because ultimately, I trust that they know exactly what they need. Feeling connected is the result of understanding how your body works and having an informed choice.

I currently practice at Vive Integrative Health in NW Calgary focusing on cervical dysplasia, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy & postpartum support, period health, Holistic Pelvic Care^TM, and providing Empowered Paps. Empowered paps are my own version of pap exams designed to put you in charge of your cervical health. 

I am one of a few practitioners in Alberta who provide Holistic Pelvic Care^TM – gentle, internal vaginal massage coupled with energetic and emotional balancing techniques. HPC is an excellent treatment for pelvic floor pain, urinary leakage, menstrual pain, painful sex and postpartum healing. 

I also provide a unique treatment for cervical dysplasia called escharotic therapy. This technique involves applying a zinc-herbal solution topically onto the cervix to specifically isolate and target abnormal cells. This can be highly effective when combined with lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation.   

I want all my clients to feel that an appointment with me is like coming over for a cup of tea. 

Fun Facts about Dr. Kate:

  • She competed in her first triathlon in 2014 and is a self-described Triathlon Groupie
  • She is a classically trained pianist and singer
  • If provoked, she will get into an argument about how Star Trek is superior to Star Wars
  • Her favourite musicals are Wicked and The Phantom of the Opera

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