Successful Naturopathic Practices in Alberta: a roundtable discussion

A roundtable discussion with Successful ND owners across Alberta with Andy Belanger (HEROS coach) as the moderator

Join us for a fun, informal discussion on various topics which make naturopathic practices successful.  Naturopathic Clinic owners of 10+ years will share their secrets of what has made them successful from marketing to hiring staff to associate contracts and much more.

Postpartum Autoimmunity: aetiology, diagnosis and management of postpartum thyroiditis

The initial postpartum period is a critical time for the development or exacerbation of autoimmune diseases, particularly of postpartum thyroiditis. There is a worldwide prevalence of 22% of postpartum women developing this type of autoimmunity, with approximately half of these cases developing into permanent thyroid disease. Postpartum thyroiditis is also linked to other comorbidities or sequalae such as postpartum mood disorders, further autoimmunity & issues coping with new motherhood. Naturopathic doctors are uniquely poised to help with postpartum issues and prevent the development of further autoimmune damage.

The SIBO-Autoimmune Connection: etiology and treatment protocols

The Autoimmune-SIBO Connection: Etiology and Treatment Protocols

SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is an often difficult to treat chronic dysbiosis.  SIBO is defined as an increase in the number and/or alteration in the type of bacteria in the upper gastrointestinal tract.  SIBO is also found to be one of the main causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and suspected to contribute to other digestive disturbances.  This area of research is growing and researchers are learning more and more each day.  Our understanding of SIBO, IBS, and how the microbiome interacts with other bodily functions is bound to evolve as we learn more.

Join Dr. Morello as he discusses the autoimmune-SIBO connection, and novel understandings in assessing the etiology of this condition.  He will review protocols for improving symptoms, while at the same time addressing and treating root causes.  We will spend the lecture exploring natural-based treatment protocols derived from Dr. Morello’s clinical practice.